Talk: The Intersection of Nature and Art with Sofia Clausse + Q&A

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Today’s digital age challenges the way humans interact with, embody and confront the concept of nature. In conversation with AMALGAMA director and FLAWA art curator Daniela Galán, the Argentinian artist Sofia Clausse will discuss how the digital world has affected her practice and her relationship with language and nature.  

Sofia is currently a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. Her practice focuses on language – creating new dialects or voices to convey what couldn’t be expressed before, and finding new meanings. Sofia argues that the established methods are not enough: existing tools and systems come with embedded limitations and controlled outcomes that we might not have control over. By creating her own words, tools, systems and linguistic mechanisms, she questions her perspective and creates an independent and personal way of thinking and making. 

Thursday June 4, 8:10pm, on Zoom


Sofía Clausse was born in Argentina in 1989, grew up in Portugal, and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the USA. She is an artist currently doing a postgraduate course at the Royal Academy Schools in London. Her artistic practice explores questions of repetition, time, language and translation, by using painting, paper, text, custom tools and systems. She is one of the artists selected for the AMALGAMA 2020 Group Show – TRAVERSE: notions of nature, bodies and culture in the digital age.