“Our Hands Give us Life” dance video premiere + directors’ Q&A

The short dance film ‘Our Hands Give Us Life’ interweaves the real-life experiences of Latin American frontline workers with the beautiful Peruvian Tondero dance, exposing the crude reality of the new points-based racist immigration system in the UK.

Dance by Expression Inka
Music by Kieffer Santander and Giancarlo Garcia Viera
Voice of Sofia Buchuck Gil

The premiere will be preceded by a Q&A with the creators and dancers of “Spring Blessing 2020” short film from Colombia and “Our Hands Bring Us Life” from Perú. We’ll reflect on the ideas behind the films, the dances chosen for each purpose, and how the creatives worked in lockdown.

Join us to see behind the cameras of these two short films that reflect on this challenging time through dance.

Speakers: Deny Ruge, Director of Somos Chibchas London; Leyli Horna, Dance Director of Expresión Inka; and Manuela Benini, Producer and Creative Director of both films.