Amalgama Visual Art Exhibition

  • Date & Time: 15th May 2019 - 19th May 2019 11:00 am
  • Venue: Art Number 23
    100 Clements Road, The Old Biscuit Factory, Block F, SE16 4DG
  • Tickets: Free entry
  • Event Type: /

This year’s exhibition will discuss the tensions of developing a Latin American cultural identity within the European diaspora. The exhibition will follow a debate that occurred in Latin America in the ’60s when different intellectuals questioned the role of contemporary Latin American artists and wondered whether they should continue to address international concerns or focus only in the problems intrinsic to the Latin American community. As the Brazilian poet Ferreira Gullar questioned, can the avant-garde in a developed country necessarily be the same one as in an under-developed country? This exhibition intends to create a dialogue between both sides of the argument by displaying artists who examine these issues, allowing the viewer to reach their own conclusion.

Artists: Viviana Troya (Colombia), Sabrina Collares (Brazil), Juliana Pazutti (Brazil), Cruz Maria Vallespir (Chile), Renata Fernandez (Venezuela), Vanessa Enriquez (Mexico), Susana Saravia (Argentina), Sylvia Lockhart (Uruguay)