The Festival of Latin American Women in the Arts (FLAWA) is an exciting new festival in the British capital, showing the perceptions of women from Latin America in film, music, literature and arts through multiple events in a range of London venues.

London is home to a rich crowd of Latin American creators – an important diaspora in this city- which is blossoming, growing in size, and in creative force. Women are the drivers of this community.

FLAWA provides a space to celebrate and honour what Latin American women do; cisgender, transgender, queer and non-binary creators. We curate events for anyone interested in the many angles and trajectories of Latin American culture.

This will be an exciting space of reclaimed narratives, myriad perspectives, and swathes of opportunity where you are all invited to celebrate art, diversity and female empowerment.

FLAWA 2019

We welcomed 68 Latin-American women artists in film, music, literature and visual arts throughout 5 days of concerts, talks, exhibitions, screenings, workshops and open activities. More than 2,000 people enjoyed the festival’s events and around 50K read about us on social media.

With these results, we just wanted to say thank you for this outrageous reception to our project.

We are supporting small events led by Latin-American women in arts while cooking up and preparing more ideas for our second edition – we’ll keep you informed about our upcoming events.

In the meantime, we invite you to check our social media networks and website to know more about the upcoming events that we’ll be supporting and hosting, to show you how women are creating thoughtful changes and using many artistic expressions.


Just some of the highlights from last year’s FLAWA Festival. Click the link below to see the full 2019 programme.




Thanks to you all, we are back #FLAWA2020. 🌻

Videographer: IngridGuyon Foto
Editor: Pedrito Love Alvarez Suarez
Music: Karambamusic
Production: FLAWA

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